Unique paper plates

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Unique paper plates

Generally, vanity plates may not contain profane or obscene messages, although standards as to what constitutes an unacceptable message vary widely among issuing jurisdictions.

In California, motorists may order symbols —a heart, hand, plus sign, or star—on one type of specialty plate. Other states, such as New Hampshire and North Carolina, also permit the use of certain punctuation symbols.

Unique paper plates

The state of Virginia offers more than unique designs for license plates. Persons obtaining disabled veteran or Medal of Honor or Purple Heart medal recipients must show proof of their disability and military service or their award of the specific medal, respectively.

Vanity plates sometimes cause unexpected difficulties for their owners. With these, the plate serial is chosen by the licensing agency—as with regular plates—but the owners select a plate design that is different from the normal license plate.

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For example, an alumnus or student of an area university might purchase a plate with the school's logo, or an outdoorsman might decide to pay extra for a plate depicting a nature scene. A portion of the extra cost of these license plates often ends up as a donation for a related school or non-profit organization.

Some jurisdictions allow for some or all of their specialty plates to also be vanity plates, usually for an additional fee on top of the cost of the plate.

States may also provide commemorative plates as a standard issue for example for a states anniversary. Types[ edit ] This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

August Normally such specialty plates can be purchased without proof of any particular status or affiliation, exceptions being plates which indicate membership or abilities of use in an emergency e. Also, some states require that the university plates be ordered through alumni associations.

Other specialty plates include those for motorists with specific accomplishments or backgrounds; for example, a veteran who was a prisoner of war or a Purple Heart recipient may obtain a POW or Purple Heart specialty plate, respectively, after presenting documentation of his or her status to the registrar.

In many jurisdictions, there is no charge or at least no extra charge for such a plate, in recognition of the veteran's service. Because specialty plates are government issued, they are required under First Amendment issues to be issued as a type to any group or organization that qualifies under the same terms as any other group to be issued a type of plate.

The State of Maryland was going to revoke permission for use of the Confederate flag from a certain plate by the Sons of Confederate Veteransbut a court ruled that the only way the state could do that was to revoke permission on all specialty plates. In some states statutes regarding amateur radio plates where enacted decades prior to vanity plate programs [51].

Unique paper plates

Among the stated reasons in various state statutes for providing special amateur radio plates are to recognize amateur radio operators for their service [52]and to enhance visibility of amateur radio operators in an emergency.

Texas allows radio amateurs to have their call sign on the license plates of multiple vehicles that they own, in effect allowing more than one vehicle to share the same license plate number.

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