The blogs of war

So politics, sociology, history, etc are also part of this story that has been documented.

The blogs of war

Many European countries did not expect to be committed to a highly truculent war from As the war raged on towards its record setting 5, casualties, morale on the home front in both the Central Powers and the Allies sank.

Propaganda played a significant factor in keeping armies from withering away due to lack of recruits and support. The time frame of such propaganda promoting World War I involvement is specifically limited to the war era of The first section contains general overviews of World War I to establish a general knowledge and historical context.

I have included sources that focus on military strategy for basic understanding of the physical war along with home front sources that provide a better understanding of war era dynamics at home. Within the two propaganda specific sections I focused on five countries total in order to compile cohesive and productive sources.

Propaganda in the Allied Forces contains sources from each country; France, Great Britain, and Russia in various forms for an over all view of what citizens would encounter on a daily basis.

Propaganda in the Central Powers contains sources from each country as well; Germany and Austria-Hungary to pursue a less common view point studied in World War I.

The blogs of war

However, without taking into account both points of view biased studies form. This research guide is purposed to serve as a starting point for a well rounded inquiry into the propaganda used to propel World War I.

Allied forces propaganda poster. Publicized in Great Britain to boost home front morale and strengthen alliances. Each chapter covers one country socially, economically and politically using a plethora of scholarly facts.

Higham and Showalter repeatedly compare and contrast World War I with other wars around the globe, such as the Russo-Japanese War, to analyze military strategy and domestic morale.

In addition to presenting factual overviews put into historical context, Higham and Showalter provide the reader with an abundance of supplemental sources that offer the opportunity to further research a specific topic in depth. Higham, Robin, and Dennis E.

Researching World War I: A History of the Great War Lt. Houghton Mifflin Company, It analyzes pre-war political tension around the Austrian Empire and Serbia as necessary, and continues through to the formation of the Allies and the Central Powers military alliances.

Although this video discusses theories, it remains neutral and unbiased. This resource covers a vast range of views pulling from British Indian soldiers, allied medical personnel, and women on the home front.

Heyman exploits the views of military members as well as families left behind to face supply demands, covering both spheres of World War I. Despite only addressing the popular western front, Heyman does not limit himself to trench warfare and includes the experiences of navy personnel involved in submarine warfare and air force pilots in combat in the sky.

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Daily Life During World War I presents a thorough chronology of events and an abundance of further readings on various subjects. The Last Great War: This source does not cover all aspects of the war.

In fact, it backs away from most of the political concerns of the era. British Society and the First World War. Cambridge University Press, The British government publicized poetry from military personnel as a form of support for soldiers throughout the war.

The blogs of war

This collection of poetry ranges in subject from love interests at home to serene scenes of nature juxtaposing barren battle fields. More Songs by the Fighting Men.Katherine Jenerette, a veteran of the US Army and the Persian Gulf War, former Brown staffer, TEA Party activist, and photogenic mother of four who garnered 19 percent of the primary vote against Brown in a three-way race in , has also already been in the insiders question her ability to win either the nomination or the General Election, they note she has several advantages.

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Find stock updates, the latest trends in technology, real estate news and the latest on the economy. General Overview of World War I. Researching World War I: a Handbook; This research guide analyzes all aspects of World War I, from training new recruits to home front rationing, in great detail.

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