St francis assisi essay

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St francis assisi essay

Saint Francis of Assisi Throughout history, there have been many people who have been fortunate to obtain title of "saint" from the church.

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However one such saint, despite his death centuries ago, continues to influence people today through his prayers, good deeds, and notably his establishment of the largest religious orders today, the Franciscans and the Franciscan Nuns, or Poor Clares.

This man is St. A mystic as well as a preacher, St. Francis, "lover of all creation", gave up his life of riches in order to care for the unfortunate.

What would drive a rich young man to sacrifice every material asset he had, including his time, to serve lepers and beggars? This paper will examine how the patron saint of Italy transformed his lifestyle to live in poverty and serve the Lord. Francis of Assisi led a youth filled with money and festivities.

St francis assisi essay

He grew up in high medieval Italy, during the "time of the Crusades, provincial revolts, class divisions, famine, beggars and lepers". He received little academic education, yet since St francis assisi essay father was a rich cloth merchant, perhaps Francis one day would take over the business.

Francis' father attempted to teach him to be a great businessman, in hopes that he would one day take over the cloth business. However, Francis as a wealthy gentleman centered his life on giving away money and merrymaking. Francis of Assisi carried himself as a very thoughtful and polite young man.

When Francis was twenty years old, Assisi declared war on its longtime enemy, the neighboring city of Perugia. Most of the troops from Assisi were butchered during combat.

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Francis volunteered to aid Assisi, however was taken captive and imprisoned for one year in a dark and cold dungeon after the first major battle. Despite this, he 3 remained very optimistic and cheerful.

However, upon his liberation he became extremely and dangerously ill. During his recovery he dreamed of becoming a knight.

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When Francis regained good health he bought very expensive equipment as well as an outfit after a call for knights for the Fourth Crusade.

He was determined to join sides and fight with Walter de Brienne, who was fighting in southern Italy. One day he was riding around in his new apparel when he met a sick and poor old man.

Francis felt pity toward the man, therefore he switched clothes with him. That very night, Francis had a dream about a great palace that was filled with war weapons, all marked with the sign of the cross.

One of the arms apparently told him that all of the arms belonged to him and his soldiers. The next day he set out to fight, but he never made it.

Once again he became very ill.

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Get Full Essay Originally named Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, St.
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As Francis lay in bed, recuperating, an angelic voice told him to turn back "to serve the master rather than the man". He did as told and returned to Assisi.

Francis returned to his old lifestyle; however he was much quieter and not interested in festivities like he was before. He began to pray frequently as well as develop interest in the Christian scriptures.Sep 18,  · The Passion of Christ is the story of Jesus Christ's arrest, trial, suffering and finally his execution by crucifixion.

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St francis assisi essay

Francis of Assisi was born in Umbria in the year He was a child every father hoped for, he was filled with . The National Formation Manual, For Up to Now (FUN), as presented to the Regional Formation Directors in May, , is available by clicking the icon below.

Aug 28,  · The intention of this article herein is to explore St. Augustine's purpose, motive, and desires in writing the thirteen books of his famous write about his own life, his own sins, his own coming to grace, and what sort of a message is St.

Augustine trying to . Saint Francis of Assisi Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, there have been only a few people fortunate and deserving enough of the title of “saint”. Originally named Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, St. Francis of Assisi is honored as the patron saint of animals and ecology.

He lived a life of complete obedience, humility, and [ ].

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