Larawan ni malakas at ni maganda

Hindi likas sa mga Filipino ang pagiging tamad. Magbigay ng tatlong dahilan na ayon kay Rizal ay nagging sanhi ng katamaran ng mga ito? Kailangang matulog pag tanghali para maiwasan ang init ng araw. Maagang bumangon ang mga Pilipino, kadalasan 5 a.

Larawan ni malakas at ni maganda

Maghanap ng Istorya

To participate in this religious ritual among Manila's tumultuous proletariat is akin to braving the rampaging bulls of Pamplona, Spain. So with some repidation, I joined photographer friend Ben Razon, an avid follower of this fiesta, last January.

A veteran of this Quiapo festival, Ben positioned us safely away from the no holds barred, body-contact match in which a turbulent sea of humanity violently push, shove, and struggle mightily for the chance to grasp a few inches of one of four hemp ropes a symbol of carrying the weight of the cross of the Nazarene attached to the carriage that carries the statue of the Black Nazarene around the plaza.

It has to do with the healing powers of the Black Nazarene. No less than the nation's Vice President Noli de Castro, a devotee for the past 20 years, was there in the flesh to walk on his knees inside the church and to help pull the ropes of the carroza albeit graciously protected by other devotees against the likely prospect of becoming pressed flesh in the frenzied all male rope-ritual outside.

Larawan ni malakas at ni maganda

The wooden statue of the Nazareno allegedly arrived via a Spanish Galleon from Mexico in the 17th century. His black complexion is explained away by a fire in that ship.

The Nazarene is depicted carrying his cross in a kneeling position. His maroon velvet robes. But His clones were everywhere: Herewith are images, not of the main event, but of the people and atmosphere of the event, which hopefully captures the excitement and the experience of this traditional Quiapo ritual.

And all, from 13 years and up, have come to prove themselves macho in the roughest, rowdiest, ruggedest procession in the city's year. And what a spectacle it is: Hand towels are thrown to be caught and given a wipe across a portion of the image and then tossed back indiscriminately to the crowd.

There is never a quarrel over ownership of these flying towels. In the photo of the jeepney, I deliberately blurred the crowded background via photoshop. Purists in the photojournalist profession will recoil in horror, but I am comfortable with it, because far from tampering with "reality" the experience of the jeepney Nazareno is placed in perspective.

Besides, all photographers create this same effect with their cameras through the simple technique of shooting with wide open lenses resulting in a shallow depth of field. The photo of the casualty carried off in a stretcher by paramedics to be deposited in the safety of Quezon Boulevard was by chance.

A paramedic glanced at me taking the photo and said "Plenty more inside! The event is projected on a large screen from a building in Quiapo's famous Plaza Miranda. Rubbing elbows with legendary aggressive macho men close up, I found them all friendly and considerate.

My camera was my passport to happy smiles; "Hey Joe!Ang winika ni San Mateo sa kanyang Ebanghelio walang pagsalang totoo, aniya’y si Hesukristo kulog ay lubhang malakas lintik ay mananambulat, ang bundok at mga gubat para-parang mag-aalab.

At yaong pakong maganda nasasangkap sa deadema ni Konstantino ng una yaon din at hindi iba ang nasa Templo ng Roma. Si Malakas at si Maganda.

Larawan ni malakas at ni maganda

Bago nagsimula ang panahon, ang tahanan ng Diyos ay di-masukat na kalawakan. Naging malungkutin ang Diyos sapagkat wala Siyang makita at marinig.

Ang Talambuhay Ni Dr. Jose Rizal - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Naging maganda na ang daan na tinanahak ni Jake, nagaaral na ito ng mabuti ng hindi nagpapa apekto sa mga bisyo ng barkada.

Naging idolo nya ang kuya nya at ito ang nagtulak sa kanya upang mag aral ng mabuti at maging responsable sa buhay. Maganda means beautiful. The story Si Malakas at Si Maganda is the Philippine creation story, one that I have never encountered before beginning this project and .

Ikinagulat din ni Sam ang mga nakitang photos ni Charice, pero hindi naman nito kinontra ang mga nagpasimuno ng pagdudoktor sa mga larawan ng kaibigan. Sabi lang ni Sam, sikat si Charice kaya exposed ito sa iba t ibang pambu-bully sa kanya sa mga social networking sites.

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