Is the ipad a disruptive technology case study solution

Traditional Competitor -When the firm are competing with each other through continuously produce new devise,product or service to attract their customers. For example Samsung which always produce new product against Apple.

Is the ipad a disruptive technology case study solution

Tablet computers have come and gone several times before, but the iPad looks like it will be different. This is the same challenge faced by the iPhone was a smashing success that decimated the sales of traditional cell phones throughout the world.

It looks like it is on its way. The iPad has some appeal to mobile business users, but most experts believe it will not supplant laptops or netbooks. It is in the publishing and media industries where its disruptive impact will first be felt. The iPad and similar devices including the Kindle Reader will force many existing media business to change their business models significantly.

These companies may need to stop investing in their traditional delivery platform like newsprint and increase their investment in the new digital platform.

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The iPad will spur people to watch TV on the go, rather than their television set at home, and to read their books, newspapers, and magazines online rather than in print. Publishers are increasing interested in e-book as a way to revitalize stagnant sales and attract new readers. The iPad entered this marketplace ready to compete with Amazon over e-book pricing and distribution.

Amazon has committed itself to offering the lowest possible prices, but Apple has appealed to publisher by announcing its intention to offer tiered pricing system, giving publisher the opportunity to participate more actively in the pricing of their books.

Publishers like this arrangement, but worry about long term-pricing expectations. Textbook publisher are also eager to establish themselves on the iPad. Many of the largest textbook publishers have struck deals with software firms like Scrollmotion, Inc. In fact, Apple CEO Steve Jobs designed the iPad with the use in schools in mind, and interest on the part of schools in the technology like the iPad has been strong.

Newspapers are also excited about the iPad, which represents a way for them to continue charging for all of the content that they have been forced to make available online.

It the iPad becomes as popular as other hit products from Apple, consumers are more likely to pay for content using that device.

The successes of the App Store on the iPhone and the iTunes music store attest to this. But the experience of the music industry with iTunes also gives all print media reason to worry.

The iTunes music store changed the consumer perceptions of albums and music bundles. Music labels used to make more money selling 12 songs on a album than they did selling popular singles.

Now consumers have drastically reduced their consumption of albums, preferring to purchase and download one song at a time. A similar fate may await print newspapers, which are bundles of news articles, many of which are unread. Of course, if the iPad becomes sufficiently popular, that will change, but currently media networks would prefer not to endanger their strong and lucrative partnerships with cable and satellite TV providers.

Apple previously believed content was less important than popularity of its devices. Now, Apple understands that it needs high-quality content from all the types of media it offers on its devices to be truly successful.

In this case of disruption technology, even the disruptors have been forced to change their behaviors. What makes the iPad a disruptive technology? Describe the effects that the iPad is likely to have on the business models of Apple, content creators, and distributors? The immediate impact of substitution will be on the publishing and media industries.

Winners and losers include: If newspapers effectively change their business model, they can be winners by increasing the number of subscribers thereby increasing advertising revenue.

Potential losers extend to delivery persons and printing companies. Content producers are potential winners if they readily adapt their content to easily downloadable files and increase viewership.

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Hardware producers like Dell and HP, and software producers like Microsoft, are potential losers because the iPad will draw people away from traditional products like desktops, netbooks, and laptops. These industries are potential losers because they are no longer necessary conduits for providing content to viewers.

The iPad uses wireless transmissions to directly beam content to iPad owners. For instance, if newspaper articles were created to fit a specific format that worked well for the printing company, task forces may have to make changes that work well for the tablet.

Is the ipad a disruptive technology case study solution

ScrollMotion software company identified in the case study could be labeled a new market entrant that is disrupting the business model of companies that have had a close relationship with the textbook printing companies.

Those companies must now examine their business model to decide how they will adapt to the new disruptive technology and make up for lost business.CASE STUDY IS THE IPAD A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLGY A Sneak Peek into IPad The IPad with a 10 inch gorgeous color display, , over apps (Apple Inc., ) and other most sophisticated features for entertaining and easier the daily routine of the modern people is a smash success and a revolution technology device invented by the Apple Cooperation.

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CASE STUDY 2 INTERACTIVE SESSION: TECHNOLOGY. IS THE IPAD A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY? 1. Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter's competitive forces model. Traditional Competitor The traditional competitor for iPad are televisions, newspapers, books, .

Case studies. is the ipad a disruptive technology. is the ipad a disruptive technology globally with information technology. When antivirus software cripples your computer. Will TV Succumb to the Internet. Case study 1: MIS in your pocket.

Is the ipad a disruptive technology case study solution

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Case Study 2 - Is The Ipad a Disruptive Technology? Will the iPad do likewise as a disruptive technology for the media and content industries? It looks like it is on its way. Case Study 2 - Is The Ipad a Disruptive Technology Case Study 1 - ROCKETTHEME: THRIVING ON THE WEB.

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