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His father was a poor farmer. Just before World War I, a populist movement grew in the area and Winn Parish became the stronghold of socialist sentiments.

Huey long

Visit Website After hustling for a job, Long attended for a semester, but by his own admission, learned more about gambling than the law. He left to become a traveling salesman again.

He was in Shreveport to propose to Rose McConnell. Long had met Rose in at a baking contest he organized to promote a shortening called Cottolene while he was still in sales. Serving as the judge, he gave the top two prizes to Rose and her mother.

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They were married in April He received special permission to take the Louisiana bar exam, passing at age Inhe became the chairman of the Louisiana Public Service Commission and sued the telephone company Huey long raising rates. Long rankled the conservative establishment and confrontations Huey long them sometimes erupted into violence, including a knife attack.

At the age of 30, Long announced his candidacy as a Democrat for governor, attacking Standard Oil as controlling the corrupt New Orleans political machine.

Long lost by 7, votes, placing third, which he blamed on torrential downpours preventing rural voters from getting to the polls. His battles against Standard Oil were often on behalf of companies that he benefited from financially.

Democratic Governor Long began his agenda of centralizing power around the executive office — a move that brought accusations of a dictatorship, pressuring the legislature to pass laws allowing him to seize control of multiple state agencies. He later signed a bill that allowed all police to make arrests without a warrant, along with others that centralized investigative power to the governor.

Long pursued increased spending in education, infrastructure and energy, and placed a tax burden on the rich, most notably large corporations like Standard Oil. Threatened with impeachment, Long charged legislators with taking bribes.

Impeachment was attempted, which Long narrowly escaped. Death threats followed him, and Long procured the service of bodyguards out of fear of assassination.

Senate and won, but left his Senate seat unattended for months while he consolidated his power in Louisiana before departing the state, installing cronies to take his place as governor.

Long would demand a special session of the state legislature when he visited, pushing through his agenda at a startling pace that ignored standard procedures. In one five-day session, 44 bills were passed. Many of these bills were meant to divert power to Long behind the scenes, including those that transferred powers away from local authorities in the courts, police, elections and licensing to state authorities.

Labeled a socialist by both political parties, Long started his own newspaper, the American Progress, to spread his ideas. Share Our Wealth political clubs appeared around the country, boasting over seven million members in 27, clubs.

Long allowed blacks to participate, but only in segregated groups. Rooseveltbut felt threatened by him.

InLong wrote a speculative book called My First Days In The White House, which gave a fictional account of how Long expected his first days as president to unfold.

Huey long

Allen declared martial law and called in the militia. The skirmish moved to the airport where there was a brief armed altercation. That summer, Long claimed to have uncovered a plot to assassinate him involving four congressmen, the mayor of New Orleans and two former Louisiana governors.

Carl Weiss, the son-in-law of Judge Benjamin Pavy. Pavy stood to lose his position during the session after Long revived a rumor about black children in the Pavy family to discredit him professionally.

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Louisianans either loved or hated Huey P. Long; there was no middle ground with “the Kingfish.” In the relatively short span between his election as Louisiana governor in and his death.

Huey Long was elected governor in and moved quickly to provide free textbooks to school children and begin a massive building program of roads and bridges. Since , The Great Huey P. Long Bridge Run, a 5K run/walk, has celebrated of the majestic views provided by an historic bridge established in and revised in with the incredible widening project.

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We know it’s not easy, but it sure is fun to cross the Huey P on enjoy a great bird’s eye view of southeast Louisiana. Each year, runners enjoy a professional, safe race experience and. Army Air Crews is a tribute list of army aviation crewmembers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Huey Long: Huey Long, flamboyant and demagogic governor of Louisiana and U.S. senator whose social reforms and radical welfare proposals were ultimately overshadowed by the unprecedented executive dictatorship that he perpetrated to ensure control of .

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