How many shabads did guru nanak dev ji write a letter

Pauris - Literally there is no difference between a shabad and a pauri. The practical difference is that a pauri carries its idea further.

How many shabads did guru nanak dev ji write a letter

Lalo complained to him of the oppression of the Pathans, who were leading a luxurious life caring little for others. The Guru replied that their dominion should be brief, as Baber was on his way for the conquest of India.

how many shabads did guru nanak dev ji write a letter

Baber invaded the Punjab for the third time and it was the year He sacked the town of Eminabad and subjected it to massacre, loot and rape.

It was a horrible scene, which Guru Nanak himself describes that there laid in the dust, the fairy heads of the damsels and beautiful women. Most of the writers including many Sikhs say that seeing this horrible scene, the Guru appealed in anguish to the Almighty when he said: Did the Guru make such an anguished appeal to God or not?

In the house of Guru Nanak, there is no room for tears or cries. There is no place for appeal before the Divine Writ. One must embrace God's Will as the sweetest gift of life. This is the first lesson preached by Guru Nanak to the humanity in Japji.

How could then the Guru go into anguish?

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Does the Divine Jot also feel anguish? The Guru assures that a true devotee's prayers are always answered by the Almighty and are accepted by Him: History reminds us that Baber's dynasty was rather blessed with a rule for seven generations.

The Guru had reached Eminabad before Baber's attack on the city, and he uttered the Sabad given below in which he told Lalo about the oncoming massacre. He had warned some people to leave the city and they actually did: Nanak singeth the praises of the Lord in the city of corpses and uttereth this commonplace- He who made men, assigned them different positions, He sitteth apart alone and regardeth them.

True is the Lord, true His decision, true the justice He meteth out as an example. Bodies shall be cut like shreds of cloth; Hindustan will remember what I say. Tilang Mohalla 1, p In view of the above analysis, it seems quite evident that the Guru did not appeal to God, but the dauntless Gur Nanak Jot addressed that Sabad to Baber, who then fell on the feet of the Guru and asked for forgiveness.

Baber wrote in his memoirs,"The inhabitants of Saidpur were put to sword, their wives and children carried into captivity and all their property plundered. It is said that the Guru along with his minstrel Mardana, were also taken to the concentration camp.

The prisoners were given handmills to grind the corn. The Guru asked Mardana to play on his rebec and he then started kirtan.

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As the Divine Sabad was sung- all the prisoners came and sat around the Guru, every grinding mill started working automatically. On seeing this supernatural phenomenon, the guards stood spell-bound and they sent the word to Baber, who came and witnessed the whole scene with his own eyes.

Baber was wonder-stuck and asked the Guru if he could offer him anything. Boldly replied the Guru:Each section of Shabads, Astpadis, Chhants are arranged in the order of the Gurus.

Surprisingly, there are no Shabads by Guru Angad Dev Ji - He only wrote Sloks. Each section of Shabads in each Raag is follwed by Astpadi again in order of the Gurus. There is no Astpadi written by Guru Tegh Bahadur.

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After the Astpadi section are Chhants in the same chronological order of the Gurus. SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI The Sikh religion was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, first Guru of Sikhs, in CE. Today Sikh religion has over 20 million people across the whole world. Today Sikh religion has over 20 million people across the whole world.

SHABAD so dru rwgu Awsw mhlw 1. SO DAR, RAAG AASA, MEHLA 1. This is a collection of five shabads, under the heading “So Dar”. Three of these shabads are written by Guru Nanak Dev ji, one by Guru Ram Das ji and one by Guru Arjan Dev ji.

So Dar: title of the shabad, so: that, dar: door or place, so dar means that (amazing) place. Guru Arjan gave a heading consisting of a word 'Mehla' meaning the body and a number spoken as first, second and so on representing the Gurus in the successive order i.e.

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1 is Guru Nanak, 2 is Guru Angad, 3 is Guru Amardas, 4 is Guru Ramdas and 5 is Guru Arjan. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji GURU AT SAIDPUR: The Guru proceeded a second time to Saiyidpur or Saidpur, now known as Eminabad, where he again visited Bhai Lalo.

Guru Har Rai Ji (Gurmukhi: ਗੁਰੂ ਹਰਿ ਰਾਇ) (31 January - 20 October ) was the seventh of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism and became Guru on Tuesday, 19 March following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Guru Har Gobind Ji. Before Guru Ji died, he nominated Guru Har Krishan Ji, his son as the next Guru of the following is a summary of the main highlights of.