Building the nation future leaders through

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Building the nation future leaders through

Complexity[ edit ] The relationship between a nation in the ethnic sense and a state can be complex. The presence of a state can encourage ethnogenesisand a group with a pre-existing ethnic identity can influence the drawing of territorial boundaries or to argue for political legitimacy.

This definition of a "nation-state" is not universally accepted. Connor, who gave the term " ethnonationalism " wide currency, also discusses the tendency to confuse nation and state and the treatment of all states as if nation states.

In Globalization and Belonging, Sheila L.

Building the nation future leaders through

Crouche discusses "The Definitional Dilemma". Nation The origins and early history of nation states are disputed. A major theoretical question is: For others, the nation existed first, then nationalist movements arose for sovereigntyand the nation state was created to meet that demand.

Some " modernization theories " of nationalism see it as a product of government policies to unify and modernize an already existing state. Most theories see the nation state as a 19th-century European phenomenon, facilitated by developments such as state-mandated education, mass literacy and mass media.

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Hobsbawm considers that the state made the French nation, not French nationalism, which emerged at the end of the 19th century, the time of the Dreyfus Affair.

The French state promoted the replacement of various regional dialects and languages by a centralised French language. The introduction of conscription and the Third Republic's s laws on public instruction, facilitated the creation of a national identity, under this theory.

In both cases, the territory was previously divided among other states, some of them very small. In these cases, the nationalist sentiment and the nationalist movement clearly precede the unification of the German and Italian nation states.

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However, "state-driven" national unifications, such as in France, England or China, are more likely to flourish in multiethnic societies, producing a traditional national heritage of civic nations, or territory-based nationalities.

They argue that the paradigmatic case of Ernest Renan is an idealisation and it should be interpreted within the German tradition and not in opposition to it. For example, they argue that the arguments used by Renan at the conference What is a nation?

This alleged civic conception of the nation would be determined only by the case of the loss gives Alsace and Lorraine in the Franco-Prussian War. The balance of powerwhich characterized that system, depended on its effectiveness upon clearly defined, centrally controlled, independent entities, whether empires or nation states, which recognize each other's sovereignty and territory.

The Westphalian system did not create the nation state, but the nation state meets the criteria for its component states by assuming that there is no disputed territory.

The increasing emphasis during the 19th century on the ethnic and racial origins of the nation, led to a redefinition of the nation state in these terms. Minorities were not considered part of the people Volkand were consequently denied to have an authentic or legitimate role in such a state.

In Germany, neither Jews nor the Roma were considered part of the people and were specifically targeted for persecution. German nationality law defined "German" on the basis of German ancestry, excluding all non-Germans from the people. Non-state actors, such as international corporations and non-governmental organizationsare widely seen as eroding the economic and political power of nation states, potentially leading to their eventual disappearance.

The multi-ethnic empire was an absolute monarchy ruled by a king, emperor or sultan. The population belonged to many ethnic groups, and they spoke many languages.Unless we have leaders with ability, integrity, commitment, and vision, we cannot succeed at nation-building.

It is gratifying to note that within the judiciary, the National Assembly, and within the Executive, the issue of the quality of leadership is .


“Building the Nation Future Leaders Through the K to 12 Basic Education Program or the K to 12 Basic Education- Tungo Sa Paghuhubog Ng Mga Makabagong Lider Ng Bansa.” “Building the Nation Future Leaders through the K to 12 Basic Education Program or The K to 12 Basic Education- Tungo sa Paghuhubog ng mga Makabagong lider ng Bansa.” By ANDEA, ISIDRO JR B.

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THE ONONDAGA NATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP. For many years, the people of the Onondaga Nation have worked cooperatively with their neighbors to protect the environment, clean up pollution, and promote economic development in the Syracuse/Onondaga region of Central New York.

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